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Over 127,000 average monthly actions are generated through local search.

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Search Engine Optimization is inherently important for every digital marketing plan! Your website has to be optimized in order to appear in "organic" search engine rankings.

Factors including the size of the website, the industry, and the location all dictate which SEO plan is best for a particular business.

The SEO analysts at Traffic Builders understand that ranking in search engines can be a complicated and tedious task. Let our experts handle your SEO efforts so you can get back to what you do best - running your business. With our individualized and strategic SEO campaigns, we make it easy for your business to increase online visibility, gain competitive edge, and improve rankings on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Traffic Builders’ SEO campaigns include a diverse range of deliverables, depending on the needs of your business. We have the flexibility to adapt to any changes in the Google algorithm - just one of the ways we continue to drive results!

Our content team specializes in industry-specific, keyword enhanced content for your website to rank more prominently - more often!

Ensuring your listing has correct and consistent information online lays the foundation for a successful ranking for Google and Bing searches.

We test the technical aspects of your site to confirm they are in working order, along with adding correctly implemented keywords; a crucial point in order for search engines to identify and rank the website for relevant searches.

Blogs greatly help increase a website’s search rankings and drive traffic directly to the site. Search engines constantly seek regularly updated, keyword-rich content. Engaging, focused content makes your site more relevant for organic searches.

How users navigate a website now helps to determine search rankings, as well. This relates to the site’s user experience including conversion orientation, site speed, and other site characteristics.

Your business’ NAP. name, address, and phone number must remain consistent online. Traffic Builders is a Yext and Google Premier partner which helps us effectively manage those listings for you.

A strong social media presence increases the visibility and credibility of a website, which can positively impact search ratings. Social posting creates engagement through blog posts and drives social users back to a website.

Behold, the power of opinions! Over 90% of consumers first reference online reviews prior to making a purchase. This makes reviews an invaluable marketing resource for your business! Reviews also impact how your business shows up in organic search. Our Reputation Management team helps you manage your reviews and cultivate your online feedback.

Our three-tier funnel system is comprised of the following:

  • Traffic Builders - People
    Education - Users looking for information will find your site
  • Traffic Builders - People
    Consideration - Users looking for a business will find your site
  • Traffic Builders - People
    Action - Users looking for business information will find your site


User Characteristics:

  • Looking for information
  • In the market for products/services but has not yet made the purchase decision
  • Typically compares information from multiple sources

Example Search: "When do you need a lawyer for a car accident?"

SEO Focus Area: Blogging, Social

Conversion Types: Reads blog posts, downloads brochures, social media clicks/likes


User Characteristics:

  • Looking for a business to purchase products/services
  • Does not know where to purchase from
  • Typically compares quality, price, and location for multiple businesses

Example Search: "Best car accident lawyer New York City"

SEO Focus Area: Site optimization, Linking

Conversion Types: Contact forms and phone calls


User Characteristics:

  • Looking for business information to make a purchase
  • Has decided where or who to purchase from, but needs to make the final conversion
  • Will likely move to another business if they cannot find information easily or the process is cumbersome

Example Search: "Lawyer near me"

SEO Focus Area: Local, User Experience

Conversion Types: Direction requests, shopping cart checkout, schedule appointment

Looking Forward:

Enhanced organic search visibility leading to increased organic traffic

Maximized site authority

Comprehensive analysis & enhancement of your site’s meta tags

Relevant, keyword-centric content

Internal & external linking throughout your site

Outside content presented on authoritative, recognizable, and contextually relevant websites